Feb 5, 2014

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS-Episode 17: Model of the Heart

Sometimes, the only thing that can clear your head is going back and find solace in the wisdom of a mentor. And that's exactly what our Yasaka Mao did in this episode. Loosing the imagination to come up with moves to defeat Sei and Reiji's Star Build Strike, Mao decided to seek his Sensei, Chinan, and learn the technique that has inspired him to join the Shingyo school. Here, we are shown more of Mao's background and the depth of relationship between a master and his apprentice.

Typical Sensei look - bald, white whiskered, old man, Master Chinan

Very much like this famous other guy from DBZ, Master Roshi!

One thing I learned in this episode is that it's great to have a MENTOR. They don't exactly have to be family or friend - just someone, preferably and typically older, who understands you and can teach you their ways, share their wisdom and advise you on creating decisions in your life. A mentor can give you their perspective in life - in your life - without you feeling like you have been judged to hell.

Master Chinan and Mao

Master Chinan's Gundam 

A teacher back in college almost always reminded us to have a mentor - whether you end up being a bum or a highly successful individual. With complicated things arising in one's life, a deeply grounded person could be a great ally to rally it with. Mao is lucky to have one at his age. Like how Sei is good to go with Old Man Ral (being that Dad Takeshi is away).

Mentorship aside, this episode definitely made its mark! I was teary-eyed. The face-off between Gundam X Maoh and Star Build Strike brought me goosebumps - much like how I felt with Star Build Strike vs. Wing Fenice. (They really brought out Fellini in that last one. Not to mention, Fellini used to be somewhat a mentor to Reiji a while back). Although, this fight did seem rushed (I'm referencing comments from blogs here), it still did a pretty good job to get my heart racing. At least, they're keeping this series interesting! It's kinda ridiculous how they won (knuckle vs sword?), reminds me of that baseball episode with Luang Dallara. Darn, Luang-san lost to the Renato brothers! I really don't like those two. But what is a good anime series without bad guys, right?

Dream on. Sei. Dream on.

The result of upgraded solar system

One of the results of activating the RG system

Death of the X Maoh

At the very least, Mao got a constant fan - Misaki!

It's already February, the end of the GunplaxGundam.Info New Year campaign is at its end. But what really excites me is BACK-ON's full release of the new opening theme, WIMP, featuring Lil' Fang of Faky this coming MARCH!