Feb 23, 2013


 My first time using lights. I suck at it.

Well, here goes.
He is quite bulky.

reminds me of Prince Cedie, hihihih

Ooo, Close up.

aww yiiis.
I was having a hard time posing him but I was laughing all the way.

Halfway through, my action base collapsed, so I made do.
He was just sitting here.


All in all, I had fun! Despite my action base giving up (the Epyon was quite heavy), I think I took decent poses of him. I really have to learn lighting techniques.... The whole time I was posting this, my brother is screaming "NOOB!". Well, duh?!

I'll probably be posting more of him next week... hihihi Still have a lot of great poses I think he can do!

Now it's time for the next kit who's been waiting his turn....^o^

Getting Over You Getting Over Me

I still haven't finish having fun with the Trans-Am Exia. Hey, its PINK! So.

My best close-up...aaaand its dusty T_T

I had fun with her and the Epyon.

Here's some cute captures.

"So I was like, yeah, I can sit okay."

"She totally has no confidence in me."

"You must be so angry." -Exia

~ I can show you the world....~

"Let's go to Starbucks or something."

Resourcefulness, bow.

Besides being a noob both in kit building and gunpla, I'm also short on the financial side, so I have to make do with what I already have.

I found this cutesy ultra-pink Victoria's Secret Bombshell box in my closet, and said "Hey, why not?"

So now, my gunpla accessories and tools have a temporary home - until I find a much more suitable storage unit.

It's so "kikay". ><

Feb 22, 2013

MG Epyon OZ-13MS takes flight...meh

Well, since I still can't find the decals for this kit, I decided I might as well have fun in the mean time!

I edit my photos most of the time (since I'm such a crappy shooter, plus I'm using an average 10MP digicam).

I really love the colors of this kit and the fact that it can transform made it more adorable.

Here's a starting photo. Edited, of course.

Shine bright like a diamond!

And one shot transformed.


That would be it for now. Time is actually not on my side this weekend... hay. Adult life is harsh >_<
You can find more edited pics on my Instagram, care of my widget on the right side of this blog. hihihi
Yep, like a boss but really a newbie. Haha. I laught at myself sometimes.

Feb 19, 2013


This Gunplar I'm following just reached 1000 likes on his Facebook!

That's not the best part yet!

He's giving away a 1/100 MG SINANJU STEIN Ver Ka!


How? By a contest, of course!

Here's a link to this cool giveaway!
Design Me A Logo Contest by Gaijin Gunpla

Congratulations Gaijin Gunpla!

Well, as much as I want to have this kit, I'm just not creative enough for creating a logo. And I'm an architecture major. LOL

Somehow, I wish for a 1000 reads in my blog. hihihi

Feb 16, 2013

What Happens When You Don't Clean Your Room

huhu i want to cry..

mi Papa cleaned my room while I was away! Now I can't find my things!

What's worse, the decals for the MG EPYON are missing!

Feb 14, 2013


 So I finally had the notion to browse official Gundam sites besides my usual reading list of individual blogs - and this shows up!!!! OF ALL TIMES!!! Three days before final submission!

Here's a link to the site with the impending date coming:
Double Campaign 2013

I would have love to have that 6 MG SET with that sweet Astray Red Frame and that Sinanju....!
Well, now I just have to come by on my own. I want to cry. (Yeah, like I was going to win, anyway.)

Feb 12, 2013


Please don't judge me but I don't watch the series - but I definitely love the look of  Cryska Barchenowa! From this suit you will probably guess my favorite color. I fell in love with her from the first time I laid eyes on the 2013 Pre-order Catalogue of Greattoysonline.com. I'm not really a fan of TSFs...well, not yet, anyway. (Did I say that right?) >_<

Isn't she drop dead gorgeuos?! O-O

Feb 7, 2013

When In Doubt, Ignore and Carry On

Sometimes here and there, we cannot absolutely escape criticism from other people.

Especially when they don't share the same enthusiasm we feel when collecting GunPla and other figures.

For example, there's my Mom who keeps asking what a 24-year-old girl(woman) is doing with toys. Or my Dad who just shakes his head when he sees the boxes of GunPla stacked in my room.
Or my sister's annoyance because I'd rather spend more money on my Gundam than on kikay (girly) stuff (considering I was nicknamed Kikay).

What I do is just shrugged and carry on. Sometimes, the phrase "to each his own" comes most in handy - or in my local tongue "WALANG BASAGAN NG TRIP!"

Here's an interesting read about the topic from a blog I'm following.

GunPla & Figures: Considered Toy or NOT?

Feb 5, 2013

Congratulations Robert A. Jordan!

I want to congratulate my now fellow architect and Gunpla enthusiast Bobby Jordan for passing the Licensure Exam for Architects in the Philippines!

How about that Gundam 00 you've been wanting?!

Broken is Not the Same as Being Broke

Greattoysonline.com has finally shown their latest haul for the month of February in their facebook account.

I found the Nu Gundam Ver. Ka excruciatingly tempting. Its 4,200 PHP (103 USD).

If I give in to this temptation - I will surely be broke for the rest of the next two weeks.


You can always order later, right? Maybe it will be less expensive as time comes. hihihihi

Feb 4, 2013

You Can Always Read

I've got this bugger of a laptop whose sound card was "destroyed" or something.

So even when the internet is lightning fast to get no buffer watching videos - its no use - sound's off.

I so want to upgrade my Gundam "understanding" by watching the series again but kudos to this computer I may not enjoy it as much.

Good thing there's manga adaptations, right?

And most of the time, I think storyline details are almost always in depth in manga than the anime versions.  Well, except for the lack of colors, of course.

Anyway, I'm sneaking at work reading online on MangaReader. Hihihi.

I'm starting on the Mobile Suit Gundam: Origin from 2002.

Feb 3, 2013

I see Wings!

My next project is an MG Gundam Epyon OZ-13MS.


I'm taking my time with this one. My Exia was built in only two nights time (for a starter it was quite fast, I heard experts do it in hours). Beside my day job taking most of my weeknights, I leave my kits at home (my workplace and hometown are a region apart so I reside in metro on weekdays). I can only really work on them on weekends. Imagine my anxiety to get out of work every Friday. I guess taking time makes it more special (You know what? I think God is doing that to my love life).

Anyhow, I took this kit for my next project because it looks so bad ass. I read reviews about this and everything looks awesome on their side! Gaijin Gunpla gave it an 85.7% score for review and I'm someone who believes in percentages.

I don't remember Epyon in action so here's a video I'm watching as I update my blog. A final battle between Zechs and Heero.

This is actually an epic fight! Makes me want to see the series all over again! And with this epic video seen, I already have a kit in mind for the next project after this! Awesome, no?

For the mean time, I'm fooling around with the unfinished parts.

That torso looks like a face.

I'm loving her shoulders.

"I'm incomplete, so what?"

Tried panel lining the head, looks fine.
"Ha! My sexy legs!"

"Rawr! Badass green-eyed feet!"

I actually built the shield first.

"Don't attack me, feet!"


Ooh, I think this will be lovely.

Feb 2, 2013

MG GN-001 Exia Trans-Am Mode

My very first Master Grade. Trans-Am Mode =  Pink. 'Nuff said.

I wanted my first master grade to be feminine in color. It was great that I stumbled upon this kit early  on because it was one of the last stocks in the store for the season.

Since the only series I've seen is Wing (I didn't even finish watching it), I generally didn't have any idea why this was called Trans-Am or why it was pink when I bought it. Thanks to this video, now I know!

As you may know, I am a noob and this kit wasn't built from the best of my abilities. My friend pointed out (after I posted some pics on Facebook) that Exia's eyes were not aligned. So, they were - I didn't try to fix it, though - too lazy. Hihi

Well, you won't be seeing any work-in-progress photos of this kit, though. I didn't find my damn camera until a month after I was done. Plus, edited photos are more fun! ^_^

I had loved working with MG that I think couldn't settle for less on my next kits. Although, my first try at building was on Entry Grades I found on a toy store at the mall. They were cute but I wanted something I can play and have fun with. And Exia was a damn fine creation when it came to articulation! I was all over the place trying to get her nice poses and giggled when I had her in a fine position. hihihi

Yes, that is a rice cooker.

Yah see? Her eyes are not aligned. hihi
Exia with my Entry Grade kits aaaand Chowder.
Not only am I a gunpla noob, I'm also a photography noob.
Classic flash photo
Quite an awkward pose, but who cares?

Something is sticking out of your legs! 

So, since she was a lonely MG, I tried my photoshop skills so she can have someone to play with - herself.

My favorite edited picture.

The other reason I bought this kit - pink LEDs!

Feb 1, 2013

Here We Go!

Hi! I'm Kikay. 

I've recently took up building Gundam Model Kits and now I'm confirming how FUN it is by making this blog!

I wasn't much into watching Gundam (my first and last watched series was Gundam Wing). But with having both real life and online friends exposing and updating you to Gundam, let's just say I couldn't fight them so I joined in.

For now, my gunpla will mostly be out-of-the-box builds. I have been I get my gunpla from Greattoysonline.com. This one was recommended to me by a friend and I haven't really checked out from any other stores yet. Greattoysonline.com have local outlets located near my workplace which is great. 

This blog will be my go-to for posting pictures of my builds. Building them is  exciting - posing them for great dioramas ups the tempo - plus I get to practice my photoshop skills! hihi