Nov 30, 2013

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS: Episode 7 - World-Level Ability

I don't know what's wrong with the YouTube video title, but the episode is entitled World-Level Ability.

Winning a place for the World Tournament, Sei and Reiji get an extra prize from PPSE: a sunny holiday at the beach!

Yeah, guys love beaches! ^_^

Yes, if I was there I'd be creeped out, too
Rinko definitely took the limelight here. Sorry, Kousaka.

Guess who was there to greet them at the inn they're going to stay at?

Yep, Mao and Reiji hit it off immediately upon eyesight.

Well, there's some kind of problem for the inn's owners, as land grabbers threat its existence. One of the goons was, well, Old Man Ral knew him. As did Mao. Who would've guessed? Goon Leader used to be a World Tournament champion a few years back! And they knew him as "Blazing Tatsu"! There was a commotion where Reiji almost got killed by the goons forcefully entering the premises. He was a bit clueless at first, but the simpleton that he is, reduced it to a bad guy/good guy situation.

Clueless Reiji

Old Man Ral and fans

So Sei, being the bright kid that he is, suggested to fight Blazing Tatsu in a Gunpla match where if they win, the goons will stop bugging them - otherwise the goons will take the inn without payment. Mao joined in to fight alongside Sei and Reiji for some pogi points for the inn owner's lovely daughter. Trusting Mao, the daughter approves of the match.

In their world, every other place has a Plavsky Build System. O technology.

Our little boys uniting for a purpose!

Lo, and behold! Blazing Tatsu's reason for being in the World Tournament!

With an Apsaras III coupled with Blazing Tatsu's bad ass-ness, it seemed like a lost cause. Sei's MKII with Reiji's piloting was no match, as the Apsaras is a formidable foe with an I-field to boot. This I-field alters surrounding plavsky particles, rendering all shots to its body to nada. It truly is something for world-level! Awesomeness. right?!

But hell no! Bad guys don't win in these kind of series! It was almost off time for our little boys, but with Mao's persistence and his absolutely amazing updated Gundam X Mao, battle ended with the Apsaras in pieces!

Mao was able to use his Hyper Satellite Canon without the
Moon's super microwave system.

Blazing Tatsu learned too late that he was facing a Shingyo apprentice -
it brought Chinan Sensei's face to memory. Yes, like this.

And with the bad guys apprehended, our boys saves the day (to the relief of the inn's owner and her daughter)!

Here's Mao saying goodbye and feeling all butterflies
with all the praise and thanks he's been receiving from his beloved.

As Mao leaves, Reiji is overflowing with confidence
and Sei is increasingly inspired.

This was quite the episode! The noob that I am, I didn't know that mobile suits like the Apsaras III existed! Seems like this is gonna be a hell of a learning stage for me. It's amazing how PPSE has overcome the urban setting with every other place like the inn and Sei's school having a Build System. Gunpla sure is popular!

Just some questions, though. It's already episode 7 and there's still nothing about Sei Iori's dad? And Reiji's existence is still a mystery!

Here's some preview images of the next episode.

Ah, yes, dark colors for the bad guys.

Well, hell. We all know who this is. 

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