Dec 9, 2014

Christmas Toy Fair 2014!!! @SM Megamall Dec12-14

There's a toy fair happening this weekend! Are we going?

Although, usually, I don't get to buy many stuff (or anything at all). I almost always go just for the pleasure of viewing. ^__^

If I made a purchase or anything, that means I got a recent bonus on my paycheck! hahaha

Click here for more details!

Oct 26, 2014


It's less than a hundred days before Christmas and toy stores both online and offline are abuzz with pre-orders.

There's nothing quite like making your collection wishlist for some anxiety attacks and a most holiday goodbye to your hard-earned savings!

Well, here's my Gundam wishlist for this Christmas:

MG Sinanju

MG Unicorn Gundam

MG Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee

MG Star Build Strike

MG Hyaku Shiki

MG Kshatriya

Nahel Argama

White Base

MG Gundam G-Self

MG Gundam X Maoh

Oh, no such thing as some of the lot? I understand some of them aren't existing yet... But, uh, we can leave that for the actual "wish", mind you.

Not exactly new stuff, I know, but I haven't been past to quenching my thirst for them - you just gotta have exactly that one stuff. Haven't you had the same feeling?

Anyways, that's gotta be my "first" wishlist, haha. Can't think of other things I "need".

Oh, let's not forget a DETOLF Glass Cabinet :D (or any similar glass cabinet should be fine)
I "think" I "need" one.

I bet you've done YOUR wishlist already - ever since 2014 New Year! Well, have you?

Oct 18, 2014

Watchlist: GBF Try and Gundam Reconguista in G

This quarter seems to be promising in case of my comeback to watching anime. I've recently held custom to watching out for the Akame ga Kill! series and the remake of the Sailormoon franchise Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Crystal. But that's not what I want to blog about, isn't it? Not Gundam-wise, anyways.

This season offers quite a delicious treat for Gundam lovers (well, Gundam noobs like me, anyway) as Bandai sets out to feature two series : Gundam Reconguista in G and Gundam Build Fighters Try.

Three episodes in, I can't quite focus on Reconguista - jeeez all that dancing! Opening and ending credits and they are happily dancing... hahah I don't know! It looks fun, though. But funny aside, the series looks like they're gonna get pretty serious any time soon. I'm quite impressed with the G-Self. And the concept of the photon batteries and all those cables going up to space (the "space elevator").... I'm just a bit pissed they're using wired old-school telephones there!  Have you noticed they haven't said a single word of "Gundam"?

Gundam Build Fighters Try is like the first season... in a way. Of course, the discovery of Sekai as a natural "fighter" is similar to that of Reiji - they both have no idea about Gunpla in the first place. And the enthusiast like Sei Iori who discovers him, Fumina, is the only member of the school Gunpla Battle Club. Of course, the artistic character is the brother of first season's China Kousaka, Yuuma. Aww, let's not forget our first cutie for this season, Sekai's sister, Mirai.

Here's to hoping for more interesting episodes!

Oct 5, 2014


Wow, I'm surprised I EVEN get page views! Wohhooo!

Thank you readers and stumblers! Thank you tagging!

Thank YOU!

Sep 2, 2014

Gundam Build Fighters: Try

So as an intro for the upcoming season 2, "Gundam Build Fighters Try", here is a video depicting China Kousaka six years later from the last Gunpla Battle. 

This epilogue was part of the Gundam Build Fighters BD Box 2 and it ties up with next season's story. 

And with that, how about the first trailer for Gundam Build Fighters Try?

Are you not excited?!

Aug 18, 2014

A Dreamy Maintenance Bay

Some people are freaking great artists.

Just look at this awesome masterpiece!

The Maintenance Bay at the Eve of Battle 

I love the attention to detail! I have not seen such a lifelike(?) detailed impression of the core fighter. Not to mention those teeny-weeny tiny people! And its in such a wonderful perspective... makes me miss drawing perspectives....O_O It is a great delivery of a scene and a very, very cool fanart.

This dreamy representation of the maintenance bay caught my attention among Gundam Guy's numerous posts this week. The post linked it to a Pixiv account owned by wang景天 . It is very impressive, don't you think? And looking at the artist's gallery, I think he really does great art work. 

Things like these makes me wish I have a lot of free time to create something equally awesome.

Have you done something extra-ordinary lately?

Jun 27, 2014


Just saw at the GUNDAM.INFO site that Mid-Year Campaign starts today!
Have you seen the prizes?!


This one's a total giveaway!

Eligible products inlcude anything from these series:

Jun 22, 2014

Update My Life Hehehe

It's almost two months now, and I haven't got anything here!

Well, that's real life for you. Too much goin' on in the real world.

Anyways, a friend and I went to the first day, Friday, of the 13th Philippine ToyCon up at the Megatrade Halls in SM Megamall. It was the retailer's day, so it was kinda blah.. much of the more exciting events were going to happen the next two days of it's three-day excursion. Only went there for an item pick-up from

Don't have gundam work-in-progress on my desk as of now, the HG Wing Gundam Fenice is still in the box. I miss working on ze model kits.... T_T

O but I haven't posted my last two works, the HG BearguysanIII and the MG Strike Rouge + Ootori.

I actually love this guy... especially on that pissed-off look.

Okay on the balance.

so cuuuute!!!

So I panel-lined the guy a few days later and it looks pretty decent.

I got this at the 2nd wk May, my 1st ever 1/6th scale.

A WIP of the Strike Rouge from a month ago.

May 18, 2014


So our beloved series has ended a month ago and we are left with an itch - an itch to antagonize the creators for a second season!!!

Not quite the ending I was looking forward to... because I'm all psyched for the next season!!!

The Gundam gods have heard our prayers!

Yes! According to an article in Crunchyroll, plans for a new series is in progress as announced on the official site for the Gundam Build Fighters TV Anime. It was also formally announced at the recent 53rd Shizuoka Hobby Show 2014 featuring a poster reading "GUNPLA BATTLE NEXT FIGHTERS STANDBY".

Isn't it exciting!?

I'm currently watching the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA on YouTube and you know what? I think I regret not seeing it the first time it aired! It is that fucking awesome! Now, I'm planning my next haul from the toy store should include the Unicorn and the Banshee. ^_^

Mar 13, 2014

WIMP「wimp ft. Lil’ Fang(from FAKY) 」BACK-ON(バックオン)with lyrics


So, it's March and BACK-ON has finally released the full song for the second opening theme of our newly beloved mecha series, Gundam Build Fighters.

The HG Sengoku Astray that you can get
when you buy Back-On's CD Track.
And like every other anime fan, it's always nice to sing along with your favorite opening themes - especially as energizing and inspiring as this one!
So I googled for lyrics and found decent ones. Sadly, no understandable English translation is yet to be found...but what the hell, it's fun to sing along just as fine! 

Well, of course, if you're nice enough to translate it then share it with us - that would be awesome!

Romaji lyrics (from catterbox! by CATSBY2010)

tsuyogari no uragawa ni yowasa wo kakushiteta
nigenai yo kore kara wa… mou ichido ano sora e!!

tsukuri agetemo kowashite mata tsukutte
nanbyaku kai mo again and again!
demo makeru itami ni nare sugiteta
mitomeraretakute karamawatte
tsuyogari miseta tokoro de
sore ja jibun ga munashiku naru dake ja nai?

uh ikou ka! it’s time to wake up!
me wo samashina! tsuyosa wa meikaku
forget the fear and doubt you gotta burn it up
ichi ka bachi ka sa! asu mo futashika
sadame nante kowase fight for yourself!
me wo sorasuna fly again!

‘tsuyoku naritai!’ to negau koto de
furueteta hane wa yami wo kirisaiteku
kimi ga iru kara mou kowakunai yo
sono te nigitte mou ichido ano sora e!

dareka no tame ni nante 1mm [ichimiri] datte
ugoita kotosura nakatta
demo ima wa kinou made no boku ja nainda
tatakatteru bokura wo tatakawanai
hitotachi wa warau kedo
sore ja imamade to 1mm [ichimiri] mo kawaranain ja nai?

Are you ready for the battle to the next stage! te wo nobashite
tsukamitoru no sa chikara wo everyday!
Up side down! joushiki nante blast out!!
dare mo ouitsukenai spiido de right now!
nando datte toberu with the follow wind
me wo sorasuna fly again!

‘yowasa datte kimi no tsuyosa’ to
oshiete kureta kara boku wa mata tachiagareta
kimi no tame nara donna itami mo
koete koko kara mou ichido ano sora e!

tada no way! nante hakisuteta toko de
sore de okay! nante sekai ja nakute soredemo

‘tsuyoku naritai!’ to negau koto de
furueteta hane wa yami wo kirisaiteku
kimi ga iru kara mou kowakunai yo
sono te nigitte

‘yowasa datte kimi no tsuyosa’ to
oshiete kureta kara boku wa mata tachiagareta
kimi no tame nara donna itami mo
koete koko kara mou ichido ano sora e!

Kanji lyrics (from JPLyrics)

強がりの裏側に弱さを隠してた 逃げないよ、これからは、、、もう一度あの空へ!!
創り上げても壊して、また創って、何百回 もAgain and again! でも負ける痛みに慣れ過ぎてた
認められたくて、空回って強がり見せた所 で それじゃ、自分が虚しくなるだけじゃない?

uh 行こうか! it’s time to wake up! 目を醒ましな!強さは明確
forget the fear and doubt you gotta burn it up 一か八かさ !明日も不確か。
運命なんて壊せ Fight for yourself! 瞳そらすなFly again!
『強くなりたい!』と 願う事で、震えてた羽は闇を切り裂いてく!

戦 ってる僕らを戦 わない人達は笑うけど それじゃ、今までと1mmも変わらないんじゃない?
Are you ready for the battle to the next stage! 手を伸ばして、掴みとるのさチカラをEveryday!
Up side down! 常識 なんて blast out!! 誰も追いつけないスピードで right now!

何度だって飛べるwith the follow wind 瞳をそらすなFly again!!
キミの為なら、どんな痛みも 越えてここから、もう一度あの空へ!
ただNo way! なんて吐き捨てたとこで それでOkay!なんて世界じゃなくてそれでも…
『強くなりたい!』と 願う事で、震えてた羽は闇を切り裂いてく!

キミの為なら、どんな痛みも 越えてここから、もう一度あの空へ!

Now, wouldn't you know? Did you read anything right? ^_^
I'll update this soon as I chance upon an English translation! 

*Oh, not to mention the BACK-ON Fansite also has lyrics for Karaoke and LRC, check them out here: BACK-ON – wimp ft. Lil’ Fang (from FAKY) | Lyrics, Romaji, LRC

** Here's a link to the first OP Theme, Nibun No Ichi, also by BACK-ON.

Feb 5, 2014

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS-Episode 17: Model of the Heart

Sometimes, the only thing that can clear your head is going back and find solace in the wisdom of a mentor. And that's exactly what our Yasaka Mao did in this episode. Loosing the imagination to come up with moves to defeat Sei and Reiji's Star Build Strike, Mao decided to seek his Sensei, Chinan, and learn the technique that has inspired him to join the Shingyo school. Here, we are shown more of Mao's background and the depth of relationship between a master and his apprentice.

Typical Sensei look - bald, white whiskered, old man, Master Chinan

Very much like this famous other guy from DBZ, Master Roshi!

One thing I learned in this episode is that it's great to have a MENTOR. They don't exactly have to be family or friend - just someone, preferably and typically older, who understands you and can teach you their ways, share their wisdom and advise you on creating decisions in your life. A mentor can give you their perspective in life - in your life - without you feeling like you have been judged to hell.

Master Chinan and Mao

Master Chinan's Gundam 

A teacher back in college almost always reminded us to have a mentor - whether you end up being a bum or a highly successful individual. With complicated things arising in one's life, a deeply grounded person could be a great ally to rally it with. Mao is lucky to have one at his age. Like how Sei is good to go with Old Man Ral (being that Dad Takeshi is away).

Mentorship aside, this episode definitely made its mark! I was teary-eyed. The face-off between Gundam X Maoh and Star Build Strike brought me goosebumps - much like how I felt with Star Build Strike vs. Wing Fenice. (They really brought out Fellini in that last one. Not to mention, Fellini used to be somewhat a mentor to Reiji a while back). Although, this fight did seem rushed (I'm referencing comments from blogs here), it still did a pretty good job to get my heart racing. At least, they're keeping this series interesting! It's kinda ridiculous how they won (knuckle vs sword?), reminds me of that baseball episode with Luang Dallara. Darn, Luang-san lost to the Renato brothers! I really don't like those two. But what is a good anime series without bad guys, right?

Dream on. Sei. Dream on.

The result of upgraded solar system

One of the results of activating the RG system

Death of the X Maoh

At the very least, Mao got a constant fan - Misaki!

It's already February, the end of the GunplaxGundam.Info New Year campaign is at its end. But what really excites me is BACK-ON's full release of the new opening theme, WIMP, featuring Lil' Fang of Faky this coming MARCH!

Jan 27, 2014

The End is Near - Gunpla X Gundam.Info New Year Campaign Until Valentine's Day 2014

So, of course, everyone's excited! Well, everyone who's got their hands on the kits with the serial codes anyway.

The noob that I am, every other Gundam campaign had slipped my attention despite multiple subscriptions to every other known Gundam-related website and blog.

And now, I've only seen it this week - imagine my disappointment when I looked at the registration period. It's until February 14, 2014. Hu-Well, of course, there's still time - the problem is the moolah! I've read somewhere, some people even buy a lot of target items with the serial codes for campaigns like this.

Huh, if I ever get my hands on a serial number my target prize is the MG set.  T_T

Have a look-see at the prizes.

There are special prizes for the Singapore area ONLY.

Isn't it exciting?! You get GUNPLA and then, YOU get GUNPLA! Bandai is awesome! They'll even deliver it!!! Imagine that waiting time....

So, grab all target items you can get before campaign ends - otherwise MID-YEAR CAMPAIGN it is!!!

Let's not forget to read all the details before entering:

Now, let's see if I can get my hands on those selected items.... O_o

Meh, I can always wait until the next year... but that Sinanju OVA ver though... -_-.

Jan 9, 2014

Where There is Gundam - OTAKU EXPO 2014

OZINE Anime Magazine and ANIMAX presents this year's first anime event at SM Megatrade Hall on January 11-12, 2014 - the OTAKU EXPO 2014!

And like every year, a GUNDAM CARAVAN is to be included!

And of course, like last year, we're just going to show up and watch from a distance!!! Haza!

Well, frankly, that's just what I really do going to conventions like these:

  • show up with a friend or two
  • fall in line to register and buy a ticket
  • get inside and turn into a wallflower
  • drool over merchandise 
  • drool over toy displays
  • sing along to the karaoke contestants (if I know the song)
  • gasp at cosplayers
  • gasp at more cosplayers

This is only going to be my 3rd official attendance to an anime convention - I'm a late bloomer AND a noob. So my previous statement might be a tad overacting. ^_^