Jan 9, 2014

Where There is Gundam - OTAKU EXPO 2014

OZINE Anime Magazine and ANIMAX presents this year's first anime event at SM Megatrade Hall on January 11-12, 2014 - the OTAKU EXPO 2014!

And like every year, a GUNDAM CARAVAN is to be included!

And of course, like last year, we're just going to show up and watch from a distance!!! Haza!

Well, frankly, that's just what I really do going to conventions like these:

  • show up with a friend or two
  • fall in line to register and buy a ticket
  • get inside and turn into a wallflower
  • drool over merchandise 
  • drool over toy displays
  • sing along to the karaoke contestants (if I know the song)
  • gasp at cosplayers
  • gasp at more cosplayers

This is only going to be my 3rd official attendance to an anime convention - I'm a late bloomer AND a noob. So my previous statement might be a tad overacting. ^_^

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