Jul 5, 2015

Long time no see

Uh hmm! Excuse me while I put out the cobwebs from this blog.

Hello there!

Day job's keeping us busy too much that we missed building!!!

Oh, how was your Christmas? 'ja get all the model kits you wanted? 'ja get to buy all of 'em with your hard earned moolah? Cheers to the lucky bastards who were given model kits for Christmas! :-P

How about your summer?

It was so hot where I am, the heat drove me crazy... I'm afraid my model kits and figures might melt!
Do you have a similar fear?

Rainy season started a week ago. And I haven't even finished watching Gundam Reconguista in G!
Well, I'm sorry! haha really, with too much going on at work and my personal (emotional) life, I can't seem to focus on my hobbies. WHICH is frustrating, because, you damn well need the hobby to even relax! Right? I feel the stress with all it's S's. (insert saddest face here)

I've got two boxes of unopened model kits lying around my room. I've been meaning to build them - even tried to sneak in a little building time at the office - it just did not happen. Not to mention I'm itching to buy two more! There's the MG Sinanju that I've been eyeing since like before Christ and now a new version of MG Hyaku Shiki's been out for months - we wants it. It shall be our purrrecioussss. O_O

I do have been catching up some figure time - all my SHF and Figma pre-orders have all arrived. But like their Gundam counterparts, a box or three has yet to see the light of the display shelves. (I have no lighted display shelves! what the hell am I talking about?!)

I even missed Toycon last June 19-21. >_<
My idols Jun Sabayton and Alodia Gosiengfiao were there! I wish to all heavens they'd also be on the next one. Or even the later Otaku Expos this half of the year...

Well, that's all for now on catching up. Oh, I haven't finished watching Gundam Build Fighter's Try. We must try to squeeeeeeze time! I might not do that with my bulging tummy but I might as well do it with building Gunpla! >_<