Jun 27, 2014


Just saw at the GUNDAM.INFO site that Mid-Year Campaign starts today!
Have you seen the prizes?!


This one's a total giveaway!

Eligible products inlcude anything from these series:

Jun 22, 2014

Update My Life Hehehe

It's almost two months now, and I haven't got anything here!

Well, that's real life for you. Too much goin' on in the real world.

Anyways, a friend and I went to the first day, Friday, of the 13th Philippine ToyCon up at the Megatrade Halls in SM Megamall. It was the retailer's day, so it was kinda blah.. much of the more exciting events were going to happen the next two days of it's three-day excursion. Only went there for an item pick-up from Greattoysonline.com.

Don't have gundam work-in-progress on my desk as of now, the HG Wing Gundam Fenice is still in the box. I miss working on ze model kits.... T_T

O but I haven't posted my last two works, the HG BearguysanIII and the MG Strike Rouge + Ootori.

I actually love this guy... especially on that pissed-off look.

Okay on the balance.

so cuuuute!!!

So I panel-lined the guy a few days later and it looks pretty decent.

I got this at the 2nd wk May, my 1st ever 1/6th scale.

A WIP of the Strike Rouge from a month ago.