Jan 27, 2014

The End is Near - Gunpla X Gundam.Info New Year Campaign Until Valentine's Day 2014

So, of course, everyone's excited! Well, everyone who's got their hands on the kits with the serial codes anyway.

The noob that I am, every other Gundam campaign had slipped my attention despite multiple subscriptions to every other known Gundam-related website and blog.

And now, I've only seen it this week - imagine my disappointment when I looked at the registration period. It's until February 14, 2014. Hu-Well, of course, there's still time - the problem is the moolah! I've read somewhere, some people even buy a lot of target items with the serial codes for campaigns like this.

Huh, if I ever get my hands on a serial number my target prize is the MG set.  T_T

Have a look-see at the prizes.

There are special prizes for the Singapore area ONLY.

Isn't it exciting?! You get GUNPLA and then, YOU get GUNPLA! Bandai is awesome! They'll even deliver it!!! Imagine that waiting time....

So, grab all target items you can get before campaign ends - otherwise MID-YEAR CAMPAIGN it is!!!

Let's not forget to read all the details before entering:

Now, let's see if I can get my hands on those selected items.... O_o

Meh, I can always wait until the next year... but that Sinanju OVA ver though... -_-.

Jan 9, 2014

Where There is Gundam - OTAKU EXPO 2014

OZINE Anime Magazine and ANIMAX presents this year's first anime event at SM Megatrade Hall on January 11-12, 2014 - the OTAKU EXPO 2014!

And like every year, a GUNDAM CARAVAN is to be included!

And of course, like last year, we're just going to show up and watch from a distance!!! Haza!

Well, frankly, that's just what I really do going to conventions like these:

  • show up with a friend or two
  • fall in line to register and buy a ticket
  • get inside and turn into a wallflower
  • drool over merchandise 
  • drool over toy displays
  • sing along to the karaoke contestants (if I know the song)
  • gasp at cosplayers
  • gasp at more cosplayers

This is only going to be my 3rd official attendance to an anime convention - I'm a late bloomer AND a noob. So my previous statement might be a tad overacting. ^_^