Oct 28, 2013

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS - Episode 4: Gunpla Idol Kirara

Being a noob, I couldn't relate with the Youtube comment thread going on. Most of them are bitching about how the creators hated Gundam Seed so much to make characters cameo as villains (?). I haven't seen Gundam SEED so yeah, I have no fucking idea. I couldn't care less. Although, come to think of it, my latest gunpla build will be from Seed... meh.

This is the giggly episode because we now know that Kousaka has a crush on Sei. ;) Ah young love. ^_^

Oh, you so confident, Sei!

Gundam Build Fighters Episode 5: The Strongest Builder
Gundam Build Fighters Episode 3: Full Package
Gundam Build Fighters Episode 2: The Crimson Comet
Gundam Build Fighters Episode 1: Sei and Reiji

Oct 22, 2013

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS - Episode 3: Full Package

Episode 2 ended with Reiji vanishing off into thin air and Sei is left flabbergasted. Who and what the fuck is Reiji?!

Well, the next episode answers that, although, it's a bit unbelievable.

Would you believe Reiji is a prince from another world? Well, that's what he said, right?


Anyway, episode 3 promises Zeon loyalty, a budding romance (I'd like to think) and Sei's complete gunpla Build Strike as our two protagonists compete on round 1 of the Gunpla Battle Championship!

*I'm such a trying-hard-reviewer-wanna-be.

Here's a youtube video of the episode! Enjoy ^_^

Gundam Build Fighters Episode 4: Gunpla Idol Kirara
Gundam Build Fighters Episode 2: The Crimson Comet
Gundam Build Fighters Episode 1: Sei and Reiji

Oct 17, 2013

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS -Episode 2: The Crimson Comet

Well, following an adequate introduction via Episode 1, Gundam Build Fighters is definitely building its way into an entertaining series.

*there may be spoilers*

My whimsy is stoked with the technology featured in the show. Gunpla coming to life competing on a holograph field? Totally brings out the Yugi-Oh effect. And they have Olympics-kinda-shit! Ho ho, if only wars were done using sports or any other competitions like that, it wouldn't be so bloody and seriously degrading to all countries concerned. But that's just me.

Gundam Build Fighters Episode 3: Full Package

Blog Name, Gundam Build Fighters and Kill La Kill

Just this day, I browsed Gundam Guy's blog and found TR13's model grazing its pages. And I'm like O_O. This is fucking awesome.

I've always been a fan of TR13's work. That's the entire year and a half I've been into Gunpla. ^_^
He's one of my idols in model building. His models are awesome. I follow him both in Instagram and Facebook. But only today have I stumbled upon his blog. I was "Oh, shit." when I saw his blog title.

Just Another Gunpla Modeller
TR13's GK-013 Mugen, his latest featured work


For those who have visited my blog before, the blog name rings a bell... right?! Well, I didn't know he had that blog! Haha For the first time visitor, my most recent blog name was Just Another Gunpla Noob. Sounds family, right??? So I had to change the name. Didn't wanna look like I'm...you know... It'd be awkward.

My favorite TR13 work, a HeavyArms Dreadnought FALO

Anyways, I've been watching the new Gundam series this week. Yes, that one I featured on my last blog, Gundam Build Fighters. Just up to the 3rd episode so far, though. But, ooh, there is promise!!! I can easily relate to the characters - I think every Gunpla hobbyist can, also. It's a wonderful introduction to Gundam for the new generation.

Another show I'm waiting on these days is Kill La Kill. A friend of mine kept talking about how awesome it is to the brink of annoying, that I finally decided to check it out. And darn did that fucker didn't lie. Well, that's in my opinion. This is my first time watching a TRIGGER anime and I'm having so much fun! Matoi Ryuuko is a very sekshi girl.

Ryuuko Matoi

Well, that's all I wanted to post this week. Next week, I hope I can post a WIP of the RX 78-2 Ver.3 that have landed on my desk last month. Woot!

Oct 9, 2013

MG Char's ZAKU 2.0 and Gundam Build Fighters Ep. 01

September proved to be a "sucky" month as all sunny days have been washed away by torrential rains.
Not to mention life-energy-wasting overtime work at the office. Which, sad to say, continued on to a ghastly October.

Anyways, let's stop with that before I turn into a Dementor.

So.....my Char Zaku is done! Finally, yeah? I had to sneak in a "me" time one Sunday afternoon - just so I can panel line and do some easy pose shots.. hehehe I had fun, to say the least. I did everything while my Mom's in the background working on her laptop. teehee

I use a technical pen and a standard ink to panel line my models. Most of it doesn't last after a good deal of posing, especially if you keep touching that certain area (e.g. knees, arms) and you have well, in some cases, sweaty hands. Well, I'm an official noob and I keep forgetting to top coat after panel lining... meh.

As it is, I have an affinity for girly poses so you can already guess what I did on this set.

What I love most about this unit is it's super pose-ability despite looking massive and tense.


First bad boy pose

A bit of Freddie Mercury 

Action pose!

Those skirts never got in the way.

Add caption


hey there, sexy back!

gangsta Zaku


all the single zakus!

Sailor Senshi!~

I will punish you in the name of the moon!

Here he is having a chat with Exia. "Am I that pink, mate?"
Zaku with the wrong blonde.
On a Zeon Action Base! Action Packed! A poor instagram shot

Since, October is in the chair and the Red Comet's unit is done, I guess it's time for the next project... to wait again! Hahaha It is easily hypothetical what my next project is.

Augh! I have to envy my friends who went to the Gunpla Expo in Singapore and in Manila. I could have easily gone to the Manila expo... the weather just didn't cooperate. I did attend the Otaku Expo with two of my Gunpla Otaku friends where there was a Gunpla Caravan and some model building competition... which I didn't cooperate in (obviously because I am a noob).

There's this new Gundam series titled Gundam Build Fighters, it should be fun, don't you think? Here's an episode 1 I found on Youtube (already, right?)! Enjoy!