Mar 31, 2013

Seeing the Wing Gundam Ver Ka

Easter Sunday is always a relief.

Early today me and my extended fam were out walking around this sweet mountaintop golf course in one of the country's cool tourist cities.

Anyways. Enjoyed a lot but suffered some cause you know, its a walk. Haha

Well, before I head back to my day job in the big Makati City tomorrow, I thought I'd share my latest development with the Wing Gundam Ver. Ka. Not that it's that big of an addition. LOL Noob alert!

As I completed the torso and arms yesterday, I pulled out my camera and started to fool around.


It reminds me of SailorMoon uniforms. LOL
You fold 'em down for when you transform into Bird Mode! Coolness

One does not simply imitate a very famous meme.

Come on, man, I'm not even complete yet!


Literally "hanging" around with good ol' buddy Epyon!

Well, now that the holidays are officially over, I'm gonna head out to the real world once again. I'll be coming back to finish him off next weekend! (I hope!).

And here's a view from today's getaway! My first time riding a funicular! >_<

Going down, motherfuckers!

Mar 29, 2013


Warning: Non-Gundam Post!


I've only recently seen this set. Just reading the label blew me away.

Good Smile Company released the Linkin Park Nendoroid Petite set last year on September. I wonder when I'll get a hold of this?! It is so fucking cute. Nendoroid cute.

My Gunpla colleagues have their Nendoroid and Figma figures and it looks like they're enjoying the fun those cute motherfuckers offer.

Excuse my French. When I get excited, I absolutely can't help but swear away.

It's like a rest from all the mecha-ness of Gunpla collection.

So this awesome set is definitely on my wish list!

Broke architects like me, they don't buy shit when you know you've got nothing to buy it with!

Ah, and the Cryska Barchenowa is still waiting for my attention of purchase. I don't care if I don't know the anime, this sweet looking lady MUST be mine. (I think I sound like a guy a moment there) Well, she's set to be release in June so I got a lot of time to ponder my financial situation. Haha

Well! Back to my work in progress - nasty little bugger of a Wing Gundam Ver. Ka!

Thank You Jesus - Work Begins for the WING GUNDAM VerKa

It's an official holiday here in almost-Catholic Philippines as we remember how Jesus died on the cross to save our ungrateful sinful souls.

Yes, and thanks to Him, day jobs are out for four days since yesterday and hobbies (and yes paying homage to Christ) are definitely in!

I thank God I can now have time to finally begin work with the Wing Gundam Ver. Ka. The poor kit has been sitting idle on my desk for a month now, excruciatingly waiting for me to open it's box, slash the plastics and cut off its runners!

Well, having done the usual morning routine (wake up late, eat lunch, fit puzzles on this damn 1000-piece puzzle my fam are working on), I finally picked up the huge white box. Armed with my pink box of tools, I settled outside to do my assembly. As you may well know, March is the start of a scorching hot summer in the tropics - people are outside their homes because the heat is awfully mighty! Good thing this day offered even some not-so-cool wind to ease the hotness. Come to think of it, I might even start on spraying top coat on my Exia... nah!

Ahhh. The plastic has breathed! 

LO and BEHOLD, I fucking LOVE the fucking COLORS!

Look at that awesome BLUE! And that spellbinding YELLOW! And the fantastic RED!

Aw. GUNDAM is always awesomeness in a box. It's like Christmas every damn time.

The manual is promising a lot of gimmicks to this kit. 

Having done the torso first and foremost, as the writing has indicated, the machine cannons has me on "what sorcery is this?!"! I really really believe I am going to enjoy this kit. Although something tells me there's gonna be some problem on the dry transfer decals....hmmm.

Hullo there machine cannons!

Anyway, as I have promised my Mum that I shall accompany her on the Annual Good Friday afternoon procession, I have only accomplished building the torso and the head. I decided to panel line the head with black ink I used for architectural projects (yes, I am a licensed architect by profession). I hate having to buy Gundam markers this early on my hobby. The black ink looks fine for now. Plus, I'm vying for the anime look, hehe.  

To be honest, I realized I am an extremely slow builder. I take my time since I am a newbie. We have to take time to relish this wonder that is Gunpla, don't you think? Hay, it puts me on a poetic spell.

Fuck you too panel line. 

This can be better.
V Fins. Don't leave home without it.

Well, one thing's for sure, though - I suck at close-up pictures.

Err, I wonder how many posts will this build take? Hihihi 

Thank you, Jesus!

Mar 26, 2013


Warning: Non-gundam post.

The effin' movie is going to be released this weekend, 30th of March. In effin' JAPAN.

I want to see it!!! >_< What kind of anime fan wouldn't want to see it, right?!

Mar 13, 2013

Sinanju Drives Me Crazy

So, as usual, I go over to Gaijin Gunpla's site to get me my review fix. It has been my past time when I'm not busy (!?) at the office. The one review I've been going over and over again is the one for the MG Sinanju Ver. Ka. I believe it is such a fantastic kit, I must have it in the near future - where every move I make shall be planned and concise as to bring it to its deserved awesomeness. *_*

Gaijin Gunpla's MG Sinanju Ver. Ka

Well, you can imagine my excitement after reading Gaijin's review - this other review punched the kebabs out of me (!): MG Sinanju Titanium Finish Review by Zane Gunpla. I am so impressed by how it was completed, it actually took my breathe away. It made me fall in love with the kit even more!!!

Zane Gunpla's MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Titanium Finish

The dreamer that I am, I checked out both of their prices online. And then the dream faded away instantly.
Aw. *crazy laughing*

Anyway, I still got the Wing Gundam Ver. Ka to get back to by the weekend!!! Aw! And below is Gundam Guy's painted build that is totally awe-inspiring!

Gundam Guy's MG  Wing Gundam Ver. Ka

Mar 10, 2013


MARCH is the start of SUMMER here in our side of the Pacific!

And one thing you can remember in SUMMER: SALE!

Promos abound the networks starting this month until the rainy season in AUGUST!

Let's see...

Well my suki (patronized) store, is already promoting their sale on model kits and figures. Prices are reeeeeeally down! They even literally "slashed" the prices on the site just to prove it. Hehehe

Most of the items are now Php 500 or 300 less

Oh, well, I'm hoping I'd get a chance to buy this time - what with all the expenses on planned travels and outings to cool off the scorching heat of the season. >_<

Aww, Fantasy mode on. *_*

I would really like to get these kits for my boring-nothing-else-to-do summer days (as boring as my day job would permit it):

Just look at those curves.

Heavyarms. 'Nuff said.

Because, I'm in love with Char.

Maybe you noticed, all my wanted kits are bulky - and a bit on the red. I think I'm starting on the "red" side of the Gundam color wheel (if there ever is one). The only MG kit I have on the normal blue-red-white color scheme is the Wing Gundam Ver. Ka and it's a work-in-progress. I'm very excited about it, actually.

I also want to try out putting on top coat on my existing kits - I've bought three cans already and they're sitting idly back home. There's a lot of tutorial on the web. I wonder when I'll be able to do that...

Anyways, these days are full of day-job responsibilities. I'm betting I won't be able to finish the Wing till the end of the month. Aw.