Nov 5, 2013

Nibun No Ichi / INFINITY by BACK-ON Gundam Build Fighters OP Theme

I searched online for the official MV because I didn't know BACK-ON. I was intrigued and now am absolutely delighted. 

This is a damn good song to listen to. Not to mention the positive lyrics. I mean, yeah, every other anime OP I've ever listened to has always been like that, so far. Well, there's Death Note...

For the English translation of the song, of course, we can rely on the Opening  for Gundam Build Fighters.


Anyway, I'm adding this song to my playlist. Gonna listen to it till I hate it. Haha. You know, just like I did with Death Note and Jigoku Shoujo OSTs. And yeah that One Half song for Ruruoni Kenshin. Now, if only I can absolutely understand Japanese without having to search online for translations...T_T 
It's a shame too, I can sing them word for word, once I get to hear a few times, but never really get their meaning. Ah, one of these days.

Few people sing OSTs by male bands in Otaku Karaoke during Otaku Expo, it's always Hatsune Miku or AKB48 these days. Well, male bands that I like, anyway. ^_^ 

Enjoying this for now!

Update: Well, look who volunteered for a translation, let's see their posted Youtube video here: SaitoLyrics: Nibun No Ichi Romaji+English Translation
Thanks so much, guys!

Latest Update: Here's a link to the second Gundam Build Fighters OP Theme. WIMP by BACK-ON feat Lil Fang from FAKY.


  1. Hey, just thought I'd give you a heads up about our new fansub team, our first video being Nibun no Ichi:

    Romaji and translation are credit to ourselves :-)

    1. Hey super thanks for this! good job!