Nov 5, 2013

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS: Episode 5 - The Strongest Builder!

Sei keeps making new friends as another character is introduced in this episode!
Yasaka Mao looks to be a rival builder just as Yuuki is a rival pilot to Reiji.
Ain't seen such enthusiasm just introducing yourself, though. O_O

He does this number when he meets Iori Sei.

I think so, too!

Also, some nice words from Mr. Ral on Gunpla Building.
Reiji, people don't just build Gunpla for battles. Some, like my HG Gouf, are built in order to cherish the anime world and faithfully replicate it. Others are used to reproduce anime scenes in diorama form, or to build mobile suit's details according to your own interpretation. There are so many ways to enjoy gunpla.
 To which, Sei second with a,

"With Gunpla, we can expand our imagination of the Gundam world."

Now, isn't that wonderful? It's a nice introduction to the new generation of gunpla enthusiasts. I have yet to do such, as I have only been building out of the box. tee hee.

So, Sei and Mao meet and show each other their gunplas. It's fun how they can battle with just their imagination! Oh, I am such a noob! ^_^

This sexy back is Maos Gundam X

And let's not forget this rivalry! 

Yuuki Tatsuya is dreamy...

Not to mention this guy!
He believes a Victory Gundam is the best to get chicks.

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