Nov 12, 2013

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS-Episode 6: A Reason to Battle

"..someone who has no reason to battle cannot win." 

That's what Old Man Ral said.

Oh, everyone's all hyped up with the progress of this series and I think so, too! What with all the positive feedback and praises we see on the comment thread!

Kudos to this pleasant comment and kudos to the pleasant Sunrise team making up Gundam Build Fighters! And let's not forget Gundam.Info for broadcasting this on YouTube! Yey! ^____^

So, Yuuki Tatsuya withdrew from the championship and now Reiji is all bitter about it - here being a bit off fighting against Gyan Gya Gyan (although they won), bitching about Yuuki with Sei and all sour-graping about it to Old Man Ral.

But wowza, here comes, Yuuki Tatsuya and suddenly they're off to battle!

It's a pre-match thing, like opening up to your alter-ego.

Yup, looked like Hisoka from this side.

Yuuki's Zaku Amazing is definitely that - amazing!

I was a bit curious with the GP Base, I was going to ask
what that blue sphere thingy is on Sei's and
I remembered Reiji giving it to him.

Here they are, their unexplainable joy obviously seen in their eyes!

Build Strike Full Package and Zaku Amazing going at it

Oh well, due to them super enthralled in the battle, they both destroyed their units in the process. Although, Tatsuya seemed to be the victor at the end. Not to worry though, Sei has already cooked up a new unit so they can go on to the championships - Build Gundam MK-II!

Sei is such a fanboy

Hey, new gunpla model!!! Let's go Bandai!!!

Oh and special mention, Iori Sei's mom! I just learned today that she's absolutely a fox with that episode 7 preview!

Here she is being creepy watching over Kousaka and Sei.

The preview which has spawned a new fandom!
And super excitement for the next episode - Beaches and Swimsuits!
I mean "World-Level Ability"!

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