Oct 9, 2013

MG Char's ZAKU 2.0 and Gundam Build Fighters Ep. 01

September proved to be a "sucky" month as all sunny days have been washed away by torrential rains.
Not to mention life-energy-wasting overtime work at the office. Which, sad to say, continued on to a ghastly October.

Anyways, let's stop with that before I turn into a Dementor.

So.....my Char Zaku is done! Finally, yeah? I had to sneak in a "me" time one Sunday afternoon - just so I can panel line and do some easy pose shots.. hehehe I had fun, to say the least. I did everything while my Mom's in the background working on her laptop. teehee

I use a technical pen and a standard ink to panel line my models. Most of it doesn't last after a good deal of posing, especially if you keep touching that certain area (e.g. knees, arms) and you have well, in some cases, sweaty hands. Well, I'm an official noob and I keep forgetting to top coat after panel lining... meh.

As it is, I have an affinity for girly poses so you can already guess what I did on this set.

What I love most about this unit is it's super pose-ability despite looking massive and tense.


First bad boy pose

A bit of Freddie Mercury 

Action pose!

Those skirts never got in the way.

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hey there, sexy back!

gangsta Zaku


all the single zakus!

Sailor Senshi!~

I will punish you in the name of the moon!

Here he is having a chat with Exia. "Am I that pink, mate?"
Zaku with the wrong blonde.
On a Zeon Action Base! Action Packed! A poor instagram shot

Since, October is in the chair and the Red Comet's unit is done, I guess it's time for the next project... to wait again! Hahaha It is easily hypothetical what my next project is.

Augh! I have to envy my friends who went to the Gunpla Expo in Singapore and in Manila. I could have easily gone to the Manila expo... the weather just didn't cooperate. I did attend the Otaku Expo with two of my Gunpla Otaku friends where there was a Gunpla Caravan and some model building competition... which I didn't cooperate in (obviously because I am a noob).

There's this new Gundam series titled Gundam Build Fighters, it should be fun, don't you think? Here's an episode 1 I found on Youtube (already, right?)! Enjoy!

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