Oct 22, 2013

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS - Episode 3: Full Package

Episode 2 ended with Reiji vanishing off into thin air and Sei is left flabbergasted. Who and what the fuck is Reiji?!

Well, the next episode answers that, although, it's a bit unbelievable.

Would you believe Reiji is a prince from another world? Well, that's what he said, right?


Anyway, episode 3 promises Zeon loyalty, a budding romance (I'd like to think) and Sei's complete gunpla Build Strike as our two protagonists compete on round 1 of the Gunpla Battle Championship!

*I'm such a trying-hard-reviewer-wanna-be.

Here's a youtube video of the episode! Enjoy ^_^

Gundam Build Fighters Episode 4: Gunpla Idol Kirara
Gundam Build Fighters Episode 2: The Crimson Comet
Gundam Build Fighters Episode 1: Sei and Reiji

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