Oct 17, 2013

Blog Name, Gundam Build Fighters and Kill La Kill

Just this day, I browsed Gundam Guy's blog and found TR13's model grazing its pages. And I'm like O_O. This is fucking awesome.

I've always been a fan of TR13's work. That's the entire year and a half I've been into Gunpla. ^_^
He's one of my idols in model building. His models are awesome. I follow him both in Instagram and Facebook. But only today have I stumbled upon his blog. I was "Oh, shit." when I saw his blog title.

Just Another Gunpla Modeller
TR13's GK-013 Mugen, his latest featured work


For those who have visited my blog before, the blog name rings a bell... right?! Well, I didn't know he had that blog! Haha For the first time visitor, my most recent blog name was Just Another Gunpla Noob. Sounds family, right??? So I had to change the name. Didn't wanna look like I'm...you know... It'd be awkward.

My favorite TR13 work, a HeavyArms Dreadnought FALO

Anyways, I've been watching the new Gundam series this week. Yes, that one I featured on my last blog, Gundam Build Fighters. Just up to the 3rd episode so far, though. But, ooh, there is promise!!! I can easily relate to the characters - I think every Gunpla hobbyist can, also. It's a wonderful introduction to Gundam for the new generation.

Another show I'm waiting on these days is Kill La Kill. A friend of mine kept talking about how awesome it is to the brink of annoying, that I finally decided to check it out. And darn did that fucker didn't lie. Well, that's in my opinion. This is my first time watching a TRIGGER anime and I'm having so much fun! Matoi Ryuuko is a very sekshi girl.

Ryuuko Matoi

Well, that's all I wanted to post this week. Next week, I hope I can post a WIP of the RX 78-2 Ver.3 that have landed on my desk last month. Woot!

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