Oct 26, 2014


It's less than a hundred days before Christmas and toy stores both online and offline are abuzz with pre-orders.

There's nothing quite like making your collection wishlist for some anxiety attacks and a most holiday goodbye to your hard-earned savings!

Well, here's my Gundam wishlist for this Christmas:

MG Sinanju

MG Unicorn Gundam

MG Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee

MG Star Build Strike

MG Hyaku Shiki

MG Kshatriya

Nahel Argama

White Base

MG Gundam G-Self

MG Gundam X Maoh

Oh, no such thing as some of the lot? I understand some of them aren't existing yet... But, uh, we can leave that for the actual "wish", mind you.

Not exactly new stuff, I know, but I haven't been past to quenching my thirst for them - you just gotta have exactly that one stuff. Haven't you had the same feeling?

Anyways, that's gotta be my "first" wishlist, haha. Can't think of other things I "need".

Oh, let's not forget a DETOLF Glass Cabinet :D (or any similar glass cabinet should be fine)
I "think" I "need" one.

I bet you've done YOUR wishlist already - ever since 2014 New Year! Well, have you?

Oct 18, 2014

Watchlist: GBF Try and Gundam Reconguista in G

This quarter seems to be promising in case of my comeback to watching anime. I've recently held custom to watching out for the Akame ga Kill! series and the remake of the Sailormoon franchise Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Crystal. But that's not what I want to blog about, isn't it? Not Gundam-wise, anyways.

This season offers quite a delicious treat for Gundam lovers (well, Gundam noobs like me, anyway) as Bandai sets out to feature two series : Gundam Reconguista in G and Gundam Build Fighters Try.

Three episodes in, I can't quite focus on Reconguista - jeeez all that dancing! Opening and ending credits and they are happily dancing... hahah I don't know! It looks fun, though. But funny aside, the series looks like they're gonna get pretty serious any time soon. I'm quite impressed with the G-Self. And the concept of the photon batteries and all those cables going up to space (the "space elevator").... I'm just a bit pissed they're using wired old-school telephones there!  Have you noticed they haven't said a single word of "Gundam"?

Gundam Build Fighters Try is like the first season... in a way. Of course, the discovery of Sekai as a natural "fighter" is similar to that of Reiji - they both have no idea about Gunpla in the first place. And the enthusiast like Sei Iori who discovers him, Fumina, is the only member of the school Gunpla Battle Club. Of course, the artistic character is the brother of first season's China Kousaka, Yuuma. Aww, let's not forget our first cutie for this season, Sekai's sister, Mirai.

Here's to hoping for more interesting episodes!

Oct 5, 2014


Wow, I'm surprised I EVEN get page views! Wohhooo!

Thank you readers and stumblers! Thank you tagging!

Thank YOU!