Mar 29, 2013


Warning: Non-Gundam Post!


I've only recently seen this set. Just reading the label blew me away.

Good Smile Company released the Linkin Park Nendoroid Petite set last year on September. I wonder when I'll get a hold of this?! It is so fucking cute. Nendoroid cute.

My Gunpla colleagues have their Nendoroid and Figma figures and it looks like they're enjoying the fun those cute motherfuckers offer.

Excuse my French. When I get excited, I absolutely can't help but swear away.

It's like a rest from all the mecha-ness of Gunpla collection.

So this awesome set is definitely on my wish list!

Broke architects like me, they don't buy shit when you know you've got nothing to buy it with!

Ah, and the Cryska Barchenowa is still waiting for my attention of purchase. I don't care if I don't know the anime, this sweet looking lady MUST be mine. (I think I sound like a guy a moment there) Well, she's set to be release in June so I got a lot of time to ponder my financial situation. Haha

Well! Back to my work in progress - nasty little bugger of a Wing Gundam Ver. Ka!

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