Mar 13, 2013

Sinanju Drives Me Crazy

So, as usual, I go over to Gaijin Gunpla's site to get me my review fix. It has been my past time when I'm not busy (!?) at the office. The one review I've been going over and over again is the one for the MG Sinanju Ver. Ka. I believe it is such a fantastic kit, I must have it in the near future - where every move I make shall be planned and concise as to bring it to its deserved awesomeness. *_*

Gaijin Gunpla's MG Sinanju Ver. Ka

Well, you can imagine my excitement after reading Gaijin's review - this other review punched the kebabs out of me (!): MG Sinanju Titanium Finish Review by Zane Gunpla. I am so impressed by how it was completed, it actually took my breathe away. It made me fall in love with the kit even more!!!

Zane Gunpla's MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Titanium Finish

The dreamer that I am, I checked out both of their prices online. And then the dream faded away instantly.
Aw. *crazy laughing*

Anyway, I still got the Wing Gundam Ver. Ka to get back to by the weekend!!! Aw! And below is Gundam Guy's painted build that is totally awe-inspiring!

Gundam Guy's MG  Wing Gundam Ver. Ka

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