Mar 31, 2013

Seeing the Wing Gundam Ver Ka

Easter Sunday is always a relief.

Early today me and my extended fam were out walking around this sweet mountaintop golf course in one of the country's cool tourist cities.

Anyways. Enjoyed a lot but suffered some cause you know, its a walk. Haha

Well, before I head back to my day job in the big Makati City tomorrow, I thought I'd share my latest development with the Wing Gundam Ver. Ka. Not that it's that big of an addition. LOL Noob alert!

As I completed the torso and arms yesterday, I pulled out my camera and started to fool around.


It reminds me of SailorMoon uniforms. LOL
You fold 'em down for when you transform into Bird Mode! Coolness

One does not simply imitate a very famous meme.

Come on, man, I'm not even complete yet!


Literally "hanging" around with good ol' buddy Epyon!

Well, now that the holidays are officially over, I'm gonna head out to the real world once again. I'll be coming back to finish him off next weekend! (I hope!).

And here's a view from today's getaway! My first time riding a funicular! >_<

Going down, motherfuckers!

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