Apr 28, 2013

WING GUNDAM Ver Ka and a Heartwarming Like from my Little Cousin

So I just realized that Ver Ka's are for standing poses. Well, that lot's a bit of a downer.

But I still love this model, the colors are so fucking bright! It's an awesomely candy colored figure! It stands out actually.

I'm still a way off from completing this though, the shield and the rifle are still waiting for assembly.

Well, I completed the gundam unit just days ago, and here's some annoying unartistic photos which despite the lack of focus, I like to show around. Some of it you've seen from my last post, I guess. Haha.

Like the Epyon, I posed him like Prince Cedie without his Wings.

Just posing him that way looks a bit awkward...

Much better!

Nice, nice...

"OMG, where's my V-fin?!"

Sitting pretty! ^_^

I tried doing what Gaijin Gunpla does on his models.
He absolutely stood there all day like that.

While I was having fun posing him around (well, taking different angles of one pose is more like it), his v-fin keep falling off so I did the best thing and super glued it to that mofo of a head.

The decals are going to come in later, I read they were a pain in the ass to stick on, especially they were absolutely minute details. Seems exciting!

Yesterday, my brother celebrated his 20th birthday, and relatives came to party. One little cousin of mine, Deus, was excited to see my small collection and wanted to get his picture taken with the set. He was all smiles looking and pointing at the mecha and I could really see his amazement! And for that one brief moment, I could almost say, "This is why I build Gunpla." Here's his pic!

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