Apr 28, 2013

Char Aznable Theme for The Gundam World 2013 Exhibition in Sapporo Factory

So, I saw Gundam Guy's post about the Gundam World 2013 Exhibition.

Char Aznable is the theme.

OMG!!! I heart CHAR!!!! >_<

But I guess I don't love him enough to drop everything and go there right now. Hahahahaha! <<-- Action Mask laugh.

Further reading into GG's post, I found the video was posted by Gtoys blog, which was in nihongo, which I don't understand because I'm too lazy to click the translate button, so I just scrolled down to the videos. If you can read nihongo, then feel free to browse Gtoys blog. Here's from Youtube.

One of these days, I'mma build me a Zaku helmet.

For my friends who are near Sapporo Factory and planning to visit there, I envy you - especially since this exhibit's admission is free.

I wish Manila featured big events like these. Meh.

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