May 18, 2013

More WING!

Hello, internet. Haha. Internet.. Meh.

Wow! Its been weeks (!) since I last posted, and I'm still going to post Wing Gundam shots! This time though, I took time to put him on a stand. But that is where all my efforts stop because I was anxious and so I disregard the background - I was also watching Game of Thrones! Silly me. hihi

I didn't even had time to edit them on Photoshop.

Hot days like these (its freaking summer in the Philippines), I get all lazy. Meh.

Now, Epyon's got a playmate and my one shelf space is getting full because their wings take so much space! Haha

Its a stand-off!

Blah, blah, blah, blah...


I had trouble with pointing the Buster Rifle, it keeps pointing down .

See? Come to think of it, the box photos show it that way also. Hmm...

I really like the look of the Bird Mode. Its one thing I like with Gundam Wing units - transformation!


I almost cried putting on the dry transfers. It was hell.

So, the glass table effect has awesomeness to it.

The Buster Rifle. Brings terror just by looking at it...meh!

I never had time posing Wing Gundam to its glorified effects... I... I... I got lazy...!!! huhuhuhu

But look who was brought in to the office last week?!

Eggzoiting!!! ^____________^

I took a photo of my small collection. This one is from my Instagram. I think I have to get another shelf... (I'm sharing the bookshelf with my engineer mom, hence the cylinders). Featuring my other toys, POP Batman, Ketchup Bottle Chowder and Annoying Yashichi from Mirmo!

Those top coats need to be used! hah! One of these days, I guess. 

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