Jun 3, 2013

A Sick Sinanju Painted Build

Seeing that my post for the Sinanju OVA vs Ver. Ka has been kind of popular (based on my view chart, anyway) and I haven't been posting anything since forever, I am now sharing you what has recently caught my attention in the Gundam Modelling World care of Gundam Guy's blog post!

It's not every day your jaw drops and puke rainbows after seeing something awesome.

Look at those awesome details!!!

Well, I guess someone DID have time for that!!! Those meme pictures say outright how i fucking feel.
If you want to feel the same or more, go visit Gundam Guy's post Sinanju Ver. Ka Painted Build.

Seig Zeon!

11/13/13 Update: Hey how about a Geara Doga in Full Frontal Red? takechako did an awesome job customizing his build!

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