Dec 11, 2013

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS - Episode 10: The World Tournament

Star Build Strike Gundam shows off at World Tournament!

One of the highlights of the latest episode of Gundam Build Fighters is Iori Sei's upgraded Build Strike Gundam, now appropriately named Star Build Strike Gundam!

It goes all sailor-senshi-transformation by the end of the episode to win the thirteenth match and gain a place for the next round!!!

Some screenshots: (I took them on my phone so...poor quality, yeah?!)
Looks the same,!
The Chobham Shield absorbing and nullifying beam attacks.
It's super effective!
The Plavzky Gate generated by the Universe Booster,
unit then enters Discharge Speed Mode upon passing through
Plavzky Wings, yeah!
I was all giddy watching this - they're so close to having their dreams come true.... ^_^  Let's not forget the others, though.
Ricardo Fellini, playboy extraordinaire,
champion of Italy
Just can't hold his liquid, though.
It scares Kirara
So Mao, got "disillusioned" upon
seeing his idol hung over
He did win his match, hah!
Here's Wing Gundam Fenice's winning strike!

Here we have the mysterious Aila Jyrkainen of team Nemesis,
champion of Finland who defeated Carlos Kaiser
here we see her soft side, lovey-dovey for that meat bun
...and fighting with Reiji for that meat bun!
So cute together!

Aila's Qubeley Papillon
I didn't really get what happened here... it was so fast! T_T
The World Tournament stadium at Shizuoka
...and inside! So space. Wow.

We've yet to see more of PPSE's champion "Meijin Kawaguchi's" performance!
It's all too exciting, no?!

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