Feb 1, 2013

Here We Go!

Hi! I'm Kikay. 

I've recently took up building Gundam Model Kits and now I'm confirming how FUN it is by making this blog!

I wasn't much into watching Gundam (my first and last watched series was Gundam Wing). But with having both real life and online friends exposing and updating you to Gundam, let's just say I couldn't fight them so I joined in.

For now, my gunpla will mostly be out-of-the-box builds. I have been I get my gunpla from Greattoysonline.com. This one was recommended to me by a friend and I haven't really checked out from any other stores yet. Greattoysonline.com have local outlets located near my workplace which is great. 

This blog will be my go-to for posting pictures of my builds. Building them is  exciting - posing them for great dioramas ups the tempo - plus I get to practice my photoshop skills! hihi 

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