Feb 23, 2013


 My first time using lights. I suck at it.

Well, here goes.
He is quite bulky.

reminds me of Prince Cedie, hihihih

Ooo, Close up.

aww yiiis.
I was having a hard time posing him but I was laughing all the way.

Halfway through, my action base collapsed, so I made do.
He was just sitting here.


All in all, I had fun! Despite my action base giving up (the Epyon was quite heavy), I think I took decent poses of him. I really have to learn lighting techniques.... The whole time I was posting this, my brother is screaming "NOOB!". Well, duh?!

I'll probably be posting more of him next week... hihihi Still have a lot of great poses I think he can do!

Now it's time for the next kit who's been waiting his turn....^o^

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