Feb 3, 2013

I see Wings!

My next project is an MG Gundam Epyon OZ-13MS.


I'm taking my time with this one. My Exia was built in only two nights time (for a starter it was quite fast, I heard experts do it in hours). Beside my day job taking most of my weeknights, I leave my kits at home (my workplace and hometown are a region apart so I reside in metro on weekdays). I can only really work on them on weekends. Imagine my anxiety to get out of work every Friday. I guess taking time makes it more special (You know what? I think God is doing that to my love life).

Anyhow, I took this kit for my next project because it looks so bad ass. I read reviews about this and everything looks awesome on their side! Gaijin Gunpla gave it an 85.7% score for review and I'm someone who believes in percentages.

I don't remember Epyon in action so here's a video I'm watching as I update my blog. A final battle between Zechs and Heero.

This is actually an epic fight! Makes me want to see the series all over again! And with this epic video seen, I already have a kit in mind for the next project after this! Awesome, no?

For the mean time, I'm fooling around with the unfinished parts.

That torso looks like a face.

I'm loving her shoulders.

"I'm incomplete, so what?"

Tried panel lining the head, looks fine.
"Ha! My sexy legs!"

"Rawr! Badass green-eyed feet!"

I actually built the shield first.

"Don't attack me, feet!"


Ooh, I think this will be lovely.

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