Feb 22, 2013

MG Epyon OZ-13MS takes flight...meh

Well, since I still can't find the decals for this kit, I decided I might as well have fun in the mean time!

I edit my photos most of the time (since I'm such a crappy shooter, plus I'm using an average 10MP digicam).

I really love the colors of this kit and the fact that it can transform made it more adorable.

Here's a starting photo. Edited, of course.

Shine bright like a diamond!

And one shot transformed.


That would be it for now. Time is actually not on my side this weekend... hay. Adult life is harsh >_<
You can find more edited pics on my Instagram, care of my widget on the right side of this blog. hihihi
Yep, like a boss but really a newbie. Haha. I laught at myself sometimes.

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