Feb 2, 2013

MG GN-001 Exia Trans-Am Mode

My very first Master Grade. Trans-Am Mode =  Pink. 'Nuff said.

I wanted my first master grade to be feminine in color. It was great that I stumbled upon this kit early  on because it was one of the last stocks in the store for the season.

Since the only series I've seen is Wing (I didn't even finish watching it), I generally didn't have any idea why this was called Trans-Am or why it was pink when I bought it. Thanks to this video, now I know!

As you may know, I am a noob and this kit wasn't built from the best of my abilities. My friend pointed out (after I posted some pics on Facebook) that Exia's eyes were not aligned. So, they were - I didn't try to fix it, though - too lazy. Hihi

Well, you won't be seeing any work-in-progress photos of this kit, though. I didn't find my damn camera until a month after I was done. Plus, edited photos are more fun! ^_^

I had loved working with MG that I think couldn't settle for less on my next kits. Although, my first try at building was on Entry Grades I found on a toy store at the mall. They were cute but I wanted something I can play and have fun with. And Exia was a damn fine creation when it came to articulation! I was all over the place trying to get her nice poses and giggled when I had her in a fine position. hihihi

Yes, that is a rice cooker.

Yah see? Her eyes are not aligned. hihi
Exia with my Entry Grade kits aaaand Chowder.
Not only am I a gunpla noob, I'm also a photography noob.
Classic flash photo
Quite an awkward pose, but who cares?

Something is sticking out of your legs! 

So, since she was a lonely MG, I tried my photoshop skills so she can have someone to play with - herself.

My favorite edited picture.

The other reason I bought this kit - pink LEDs!

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