Feb 7, 2013

When In Doubt, Ignore and Carry On

Sometimes here and there, we cannot absolutely escape criticism from other people.

Especially when they don't share the same enthusiasm we feel when collecting GunPla and other figures.

For example, there's my Mom who keeps asking what a 24-year-old girl(woman) is doing with toys. Or my Dad who just shakes his head when he sees the boxes of GunPla stacked in my room.
Or my sister's annoyance because I'd rather spend more money on my Gundam than on kikay (girly) stuff (considering I was nicknamed Kikay).

What I do is just shrugged and carry on. Sometimes, the phrase "to each his own" comes most in handy - or in my local tongue "WALANG BASAGAN NG TRIP!"

Here's an interesting read about the topic from a blog I'm following.

GunPla & Figures: Considered Toy or NOT?

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